Whitepaper: Greener power in construction

Even the most ambitious businesses will struggle to deliver lasting changes for decarbonisation without cooperating with partners and other supporting organisations across the supply chain

Sustainability insights from field trials conducted by Aggreko and Sir Robert McAlpine

There is now an opportunity for construction companies to showcase how greener upgrades can be rolled out without causing delays or hitting the bottom line.

It is this idea that forms the basis of an in-depth study between Aggreko and Sir Robert McAlpine. Both companies have been reforming their approach by analysing how equipment performs on site and determining where improvements can be made. Not only does this aim to keep net-zero ambitions on track but also to demonstrate this kind of strategic knowledge-sharing is the key to real progress.

Aggreko was brought on board to conduct a range of field trials at Sir Robert McAlpine’s Kettering plant. The tests looked to understand which of Aggreko’s generator setups was most efficient for providing power on site, in turn giving both organisations the practical knowledge needed to make more sustainable decisions at other projects across the country.

The results of those trials are discussed in this report.

Click here to download the report.

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