Contractors sought for £950m retrofit framework

A £950m framework covering the retrofit process is up for grabs.

Procurement for Housing (PFH) has split the framework into nine lots, covering design work, consultancy, construction work and maintenance. The framework will last for five years, with the option of a five-year extension.

The biggest lot by value is lot five, which is worth £350m and will cover whole-house retrofitting work. Lots three and four will be for cladding and insulation installation work respectively and are each worth £150m.

The work covers unspecified buildings in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Designers, evaluators and assessors are sought for lot one, which is valued at £50m in total, while lot two covers net-zero technical consultancy and is also valued at £50m.

Design, installation and maintenance of heating, electrics and solar power facilities on the buildings is covered by lot six, which is worth £40m. Lot seven covers the supply of net-zero materials, which will include cladding, solar panels, roofing materials and heat pumps – worth £75m.

Net-zero technology solutions are sought in lot eight, to the tune of £55m.

Lot nine is worth £30m and will see a contractor appointed to lead retrofit training as well as providing net-zero training to “upskill members and suppliers” to the job.

Tenders on the framework must be submitted by 23 August at midday on the following website.

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