Pagabo deal could open door to workforce mood tracking

Framework provider Pagabo’s parent group has acquired mental health tech brand Moodbeam for an undisclosed sum, as part of a drive to break down the stigma surrounding emotional wellbeing in the construction industry.

The 55 Group, Pagabo’s parent company, said it hoped that the monitoring technology would have a “significant impact” in the sector when integrated into the firm’s suite of procurement software.

Wearable wristbands developed by Moodbeam were trialled by The 55 Group on construction sites three years ago and involved almost 400 individuals from 13 companies.

The software allowed businesses to use an organisational dashboard to visualise morale within their teams and act on feedback to improve staff wellbeing.

Moodbeam has now created an app that allows the user to log their mood in real time throughout their working day and track trends in their mental wellbeing.

Pagabo has sought to focus attention on mental health in the construction industry, committing earlier this month to incorporate mental health safeguards into its procurement processes to tackle the sector’s “less than perfect” track record on employee wellbeing.

“Moodbeam is a really unique piece of technology, so we’re really pleased to be announcing this acquisition and bringing it into our suite of software at The 55 Group,” said Gerard Toplass, group chief executive of The 55 Group.

“Our mission is to utilise technology to create a better world, with our structure providing a platform for growth and integration between our brands.

“This will be no different, as we bring Moodbeam into our wider portfolio, where it will have a significant impact on the construction industry and seek to remove the taboo that still sadly exists.”

Toplass said that while the construction sector focused on physical health because of its close association with safety, mental wellbeing was often ignored.

“The scale of this importance is only truly understood when examining statistics, which show that two people working within the industry die by suicide every working day,” he said.

“Simply put, it’s something we have to tackle now, breaking down taboos and making a marked difference to support our people.”

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