How can you make sure your business’s communication is structurally sound?


by Intercity

The construction industry continues to face delays and unforeseen issues as a result of the pandemic, during which 80 per cent of businesses had to postpone or cancel projects. Now companies within the construction industry are working to tighter budgets, with little room for communication errors to disrupt or delay projects.

With having to manage different projects, people and payments, managing your IT can fall to the bottom of the pile. However, technology is your greatest asset in maximising your team’s productivity, as well as helping you reduce costs currently going towards training and equipment in order to stick to those tight budgets.

We met with one of our clients who both weathered the pandemic and thrived in spite of it to discuss how IT solutions helped them accomplish this. Their case really speaks to how construction companies now facing the uncertainties of a recession and the ongoing after-shocks of the pandemic can use a managed service provider (MSP) as a strong foundation to build their business upon.

Mabey Hire

For the past eight years Intercity has been working closely with Mabey Hire, which helps construction and infrastructure customers deliver projects more quickly, safely and efficiently, with expert engineers digitally designing and delivering modular bridging and temporary works solutions across the UK.

Mabey Hire wanted to ensure all of its colleagues were connected and able to work collaboratively wherever they were, a need most companies in the construction industry will recognise. It was also keen to find a solution which could centralise and consolidate all telephony solutions and deliver more bandwidth to support the modernisation of the business, while maintaining the quality needed for VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

This is where Intercity came in. Intercity provided 250 handsets to Mabey Hire, allowing them to stay connected across offices and sites. Furthermore, the multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) solution connects each of the company’s 15 sites and allows files and data to be sent on a private network both quickly and securely. Due to our ongoing partnership, Intercity has helped with the intrinsic design of Mabey Hire’s network, leading to the optimisation of its communication and rapid SLAs that allow the company to work at its most efficient level.

MSP as a keystone of your business

The Project Management Institute has found that only 37 per cent of construction projects with minimal communication were successfully completed on time. By unifying your communications and having an MSP take over your day-to-day IT functions you avoid your business being hindered by this lack of connectivity. An MSP can ensure reliable communication in this uncertain climate, and your team can focus on completing projects without having to worry about IT issues alongside them.

But don’t just take our word for it. Paul Uttley, head of IT, business systems and BI at Mabey Hire, said: “We are now entering into a new network and security design which is both scalable and economical and will support our business in its mission – to help our customers deliver their projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.”

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