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A recent construction software acquisition delivers efficiencies for maintenance contractors

Nick Smee

Contractors responsible for asset maintenance have a new weapon in their armoury. Construction technology firm Causeway Technologies has acquired infrastructure asset management software provider Yotta from its founders. It is set to be a potent combination. 

Nick Smee, chief executive of Yotta, says: “We have a long history developing highways management solutions alongside local authorities and the government’s roads agency National Highways. While contractors are often involved in building new things, many are also involved in maintenance, and this is where our software comes into its own.”

“The technology allows a seamless interchange of data”

Whether it’s a road, street lighting, housing complex or one of the many other service areas in the public sector, it can often be difficult to determine how someone designed and built it decades earlier and hence, how best to maintain it.

Smee says integrating Yotta’s Alloy and Horizons technology with Causeway’s well-established portfolio of software solutions allows users to access relevant information necessary to plan how best to maintain assets.

He explains: “The technology allows a seamless interchange of data between highways contractors and local authorities. That leads to efficiencies in getting the right people and materials at the right time, to bridge that gap between ‘build’ organisations and ‘maintain’ organisations.

“Causeway has found large infrastructure owners may be uncertain about what went into the construction of an asset many years before. This has a knock-on effect on the effectiveness of how you can maintain the asset. It makes the maintenance side much easier if we can link those data sources up.” 

Further, the ability to remotely monitor assets can save money on costly inspection visits using Internet of Things sensors. These sensors transmit real-time information about asset deterioration and provide faster interpretations than with a
physical visit.

Yotta’s solutions have been designed to improve stakeholder engagement, providing clear, easy-to-understand reports. For example, National Highways uses Horizons to bring greater efficiency to asset lifecycle plans, ensuring funding, spending and works are aligned, optimising return on investment.

The software is cloud and mobile-based, making it extremely flexible whilst its easy-to-use interface ensures users do not need technical qualifications. It has been designed so they “can understand what’s going on very easily and very graphically, and we want to  remove some of the mystery behind how the systems help you make the decisions”.

The synergies provided by this acquisition are compelling.

Yotta’s vast experience in the asset management space complements Causeway’s position as a leading provider of construction-focused software. Their fusion creates a single, truly integrated end-to-end solution, allowing local authorities and their contractors to unify and manage the interface between asset management and works execution. Both parties benefit from reduced data silos and simplified asset management processes.

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