Zutec offers help to fix the cladding crisis

Zutec has launched a configurable solution that records building assessments and evidences data to demonstrate the right materials are being used in the right place, before submitting to inspectors and assessors for review and sign off. 

Mike White, Chief Technology Officer at Zutec said: “It is five years since Grenfell, and we still need to do more as an industry to ensure such an avoidable tragedy does not happen again.

“We welcome the Government’s recent uplifted ban on Metal Composite Material [MCM] cladding panels to cover all buildings as a further step towards ensuring everyone lives in a safe environment, and we want to work with housebuilders and developers to ensure they meet regulatory compliance.

 “We have developed a software solution that helps clients assess legacy buildings, identify necessary remediation action, and ensure that re-work done on properties is to the highest standard, not only to reduce legacy issues but to deliver safer housing.

“Having one place to schedule, assess and record building reviews, store documented evidence of building work, and submit photographic evidence to assessors will speed up the sign off process and provide an auditable record of work meets standards.”

The Zutec cladding remediation solution enables housebuilders, developers and owners to roll out a comprehensive review of current installations and to track and inspect progress on cladding and remediation changes.

Users can build a predefined framework of activities or systems to be inspected by the assessor before identifying remedial works from any device on site.

Zutec provides the functionality to locate issues on Elevation or GA drawings and provide a description of the defects identified. Photographic evidence can then be added—time stamped and geo-located—to be traced back to a location and property, and easily shared with team members, inspectors, or assessors via customisable workflows.  

Identified remedial items are easily classified into predefined groups and then assigned to the suitable contractors to fix.

Zutec’s dashboard enables stakeholders to monitor and report on the status of pre-defined remedial actions, providing a single source of truth that can be up and running quickly, and is easy to use.

One platform ensures an efficient and effective way to evidence workmanship and the use of compliant products and materials, to meet pledge commitments and demonstrate regulatory compliance. 

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