World’s biggest excavator sale in Leeds this week

The auction in Leeds will see more than 1,000 machines coming under the hammer at its sale site is Leeds.

Euro Auctions said: “This will be the biggest collection of excavators ever amassed, in one place, for sale, on this planet.”

Sales Manager Chris Osborne said: “We believe the reason for this huge inventory of excavators is a combination of factors which result in a perfect cocktail with Euro Auctions being offered so much good machinery.

“In the last few years contracting and plant hire have been doing well, with firms growing as we come out of Covid.

“Now supply chains from original equipment manufacturers  are opening up and deliveries of new machines are starting to flow again. So, operators are dropping inventory and buying new machines for their businesses. At the same time the market is buoyant and used machines are fetching good prices and those wanting to put money back into their businesses are selling.

“If you dismiss buying from Euro Auctions because of the old saying… ‘people only put kit in an auction if there’s a problem with it…’ then you’re missing out.

“We have well and truly shaken off that stigma and offer a trusted way to buy and sell great quality new and used equipment to the whole world.

“This week in Leeds we have over 1,000 lots that are five years old or less and 100s of lots of brand-new equipment.”

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