Wellness and happiness are key for Egyptian workplaces

Egyptian businesses see wellness and happiness as key drivers of the post pandemic era of workplaces according to consultancy CRTKL.

Citing Daily News Egypt in a report outlining the future of hybrid work, the firm said around 60m employees are currently able to work from home in Egypt. It added that the future of the workplace post-pandemic is compelling, with Egyptian employees now empowered to choose their preferred work environment, given the variety in approaches from employers.

In response, corporate culture in Egypt must be derived from something greater than employee proximity and instead tap into the five pillars of Meaning, Vitality, Freedom, Engagement and Delight, the firm urged.

“The workplace and the world of working has changed with well-being and happiness the number one priority for businesses. Redesigned physical infrastructure by CRTKL in Egypt supports new ways of working, empowering people to choose how and where they work as the office now becomes a flexible corporate asset to retain talent. At CRTKL, we want to spark inspiration and enrich the Egyptian workplace environment, keeping employees happy throughout the day. We advocate a hybrid, flexible concept to promote work from anywhere to attract and retain talent in this competitive applicant’s market,” said Ahmed Ghobara, Senior Associate at CRTKL.

In Egypt, post-pandemic priorities in the workplace focus on employees’ mental and financial wellness with a need for flexibility, as it directly impacts work loyalty and employee productivity, the firm explained.

CRTKL also said that it had developed a number of projects in Egypt including the Children Cancer Centre in Cairo, the Mall of Egypt, Almaza City Centre, Cairo Festival City and its mall expansion. In May 2022, the firm said that HoT and connectivity will influence the future of the Egyptian residential market.

In recent years, Egypt has welcomed foreign investment around property and infrastructure projects. In March 2022, Anchorage Investments launched a $2bn petrochemical project in the Suez Canal Economic Zone, while in May 2022, the AD Ports Group and RSPA signed agreements for major port projects in the country.

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