Welfare Hire Launches New ECO & Social Value Calculator

The innovative tool is designed to help clients scope their projects effectively, whilst maximising associated social and environmental benefits and overall project savings.

The development involved the team analysing hundreds of thousands of days of live hire data from a wide range of client projects to aggregate an accurate reflection of ‘real life’ hire scenarios rather than theoretical projections.

This data was then compared to national market supply chain standards to create an accuratereflection of actual hire outputs.

Welfare Hire’s Commercial Director, Andy Grayshon, said: “We recognise that there are many great ideas and initiatives around site setup out there, involving various applications of technological developments.

“However, with such an array of options, it can often be difficult to compare and contrast them, as well as record real site performance rather than theoretical projections. This is something that resonates with our client base as they look increasingly to implement, document, and govern their deliverables around carbon offsetting and achieve other ESG goals onsite.

“As such, we identified a clear link between developing our ECO & Social Value calculator – which is based on empirical data from live projects over hundreds of thousands of site days – and adding value for our clients’ needs to support them on their net-zero carbon journey.

“Our products are already helping clients to make an immediate positive environmental impact

“With smart ECO water systems as standard, incorporating rainwater harvesting, and smart ECO hybrid solar/lithium power, all supported by telemetry and volumetric recording at the forefront of our offering, we are helping clients to optimise onsite facilities whilst reducing overall costs and improving the carbon footprint with every hire. The launch of the ECO & Social Value Calculator elevates this even further.

“The global climate crisis is not going away overnight.

“Continuous development and innovation are absolutely imperative. We know we still have a long way to go so resting on our laurels is not an option. We are committed to supporting our clients in achieving their ESG goals onsite and will continue to enhance our products and service to ensure we offer the greenest and most innovative added value proposition out there.”

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