Turner & Townsend on board for Sheffield Supertram upgrade

The consultant will help to deliver the programme over the next seven years to 2029, providing quantity surveying and project administration services including project management, cost management, risk management, and programming support.

A key aim of the project is to ensure successful future investment in the maintenance and operation of the Supertram system, a central component of South Yorkshire’s light rail network.

The Mass Transit Project will support the long term, efficient and reliable provision of this service, improving air quality across the network, and laying the groundwork for enhanced provision in the future.

Earlier this year the government confirmed £570m of funding to renew Supertram services.

Turner & Townsend has previously delivered and supported other major transport networks across the globe, including the recent completion and opening of Transport for London’s new Elizabeth Line and the first phase of the Edinburgh Tram.

Steven Jackson, Director of Infrastructure at Turner & Townsend (UK Head of Light Rail & MRT), said: “Our long-standing relationship with South Yorkshire and Supertram means we are brilliantly placed to support the effective delivery of this programme. The residents of South Yorkshire deserve a transport network that improves liveability, enhances productivity, and promotes connectivity.

“Turner & Townsend has delivered high quality modern transport networks from Manchester and Edinburgh to Australia and beyond.  Using this experience, and our work across Yorkshire, we are committed to securing the Supertram for the next generation and ensuring it continues to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable transport for the region.

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