TML to launch remote controlled machine with 360° rotary telescopic arm

The machine is designed to allow operators to work safely in confined spaces that standard hydraulic excavators cannot reach

German manufacturer TML Technik will present its new, remote controlled mobile machine UNIDACHS 430RK at Bauma 2022, the company has announced.

The special kinematics of its 360° endlessly rotating telescopic boom and its compact dimensions allow the machine to work in confined spaces or in areas with difficult access, while the operator works at a safe distance using the radio remote control, the company said.

In September 2022, Komatsu said it would focus on future technologies at Bauma 2022 while, early in October 2022, ACCIONA said it would cut direct emissions through the acquisition of electrical machinery via its decarbonisation fund.

TML has developed the new UNIDACHS 430RK for job sites where the available space, surrounding structures or dangerous conditions make work difficult. It can be fitted with a range of attachments including pneumatic or hydraulic hammers, ripper tips, rotary drum cutters and various types of excavator buckets which can be moved in up to five axes simultaneously. These can be used in the roof and side wall areas, underneath the machine or in confined spaces, at almost any angle, the company noted.

Thorsten Bolender, Sales Manager Tunnel & Mining at TML explained, “With the compact design and its unique kinematics, the new UNIDACHS 430RK makes it possible to work safely in places that standard hydraulic excavators cannot reach. The telescopic arm covers a vertical slewing range of +45° to -108°; with a telescopic stroke of 3,000mm the attachment reaches heights of more than 10m. At the same time, the telescopic arm provides a torque of 14.8kNm, as well as a maximum breakout force of 73kN.”

In early October 2022, Dingli said it was expanding its large electric scissor series of machinery.

Typical applications are profiling tunnel cross-sections, the excavation of caverns and galleries, the precise linear scaling of roofs and walls in mines and tunnels. The telescopic arm can also be fitted, for instance, with spray nozzles for liquid concrete as well as drilling attachments and tools for setting arches and anchors, the firm concluded.

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