Tasmania’s Southern Support School completed

A $8.25 million redevelopment of Tasmania’s Southern Support School is now complete.

The redevelopment is one of the 38 education capital projects and programs the Tasmanian government is delivering statewide.

Tasmania’s Southern Support School redevelopment addresses continued growth in enrolments and includes additional flexible learning spaces, amenities suitable for people with disabilities, breakout space, staff facilities, and a redeveloped childcare centre.

Architect M2A and VOS Construction and Joinery undertook the project which included two stages of development.

Stage one, the construction of a new education and care centre building to allow re-purposing of the existing facility by the school, was completed in August 2021.

Stage two involves the major redevelopment of the old childcare centre to provide three additional flexible learning spaces, including amenities, support areas and facilities for staff.

The new spaces will support the education and wellbeing of students, as well as staff and visiting support personnel.

A $10.2 million upgrade of Tasmania’s Northern Support School was completed in 2018 and a $15.5 million redevelopment of the North West Support School is in the pipeline.

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