Tadano to debut 70t crane with increased lifting capacities at Bauma 2022

The Tadano AC 4.070-2 is the most compact four-axle unit of its class on the market, the company says

Tadano will debut a new 70t crane with increased lifting capacities at Bauma 2022 as part of its innovation campaign, the manufacturer has announced.

According to the firm, the new AC 4.070-2 All-Terrain Crane comes with enough power to transport its sizeable maximum counterweight of 11.9t by itself, while staying within an axle load limit of 12t. In addition, it can still manage 4.4t when the axle load is reduced to 10t instead.

With a main boom length of 50m, it comes with increased lifting capacities, up to 7.1t at a radius of 12m, and up to 7.3t at a radius of 10m.

In April 2022, Tadano said it was planning the launch of the world’s first electric rough-terrain crane by the end of 2023 and, in June 2022, it harmonised its telescopic boom crawler line.

The Tadano AC 4.070-2 can be used as an assist crane for erecting large lattice boom crawler cranes, as well as for residential and functional building construction projects, the firm noted.

“To put it simply, we wanted to bring to life a powerful and cutting-edge 70t crane that would deliver the best performance on the market in as many axle load configurations as possible,” says Project Manager Sascha Scholler, who was responsible for the development.

The crane has an extremely compact design with a total length of 11.7m and a width of 2.55m, making it “the most compact four-axle unit of its class on the market,” Tadano says.

In September 2022, Tadano said it delivered four rough-terrain cranes to Descon Engineering’s Dubai branch.

Other highlights include its IC-1 Plus control system, which determines the crane’s lifting capacity for every boom position as a function of the slewing angle, and Flex Base, an outrigger system that comes as standard and features outriggers that can be extended to any point within their available range, the firm concluded.

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