Steamy Canadian resort to have world’s biggest hot tub

Canadian company Geolagoon plans to build a forest resort around what will be the world’s biggest thermal lagoon.

The 12,000-sq-m lake in Charlevoix, an hour northeast of Quebec City, will have an insulated tank that keeps waters at 38°C all year long.

The giant hot tub will eventually be encircled by a village of 300 solar-powered chalets.

The scheme is being modelled on Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, and will be heated using a combination of geothermal, biomass and solar systems, along with the thermal reservoir beneath its base to store heat. If all goes to plan, the resort should be energy self-sufficient.

The first phase involves building 150 chalets for sale or renting to tourists. The lagoon itself, which Geolagoon describes as a “huge thermos”, will be added in the second stage. The third stage will see another 150 chalets built.

As well as chalets, the village will have art galleries, a ski resort, golf facilities, dining and a whale-watching site.

Construction is expected to begin in March. According to the company, similar lagoons are planned for three more Quebec locations: Laurentides, Lanaudière and the Eastern Townships.

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