Smart solutions are a priority for DEWA

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) believes artificial intelligence (AI) is the answer to improving the efficiency of Dubai’s water network, monitoring cyberattacks, leaks, and faults, and isolating and repairing them immediately.

AI approaches are also ideal for predicting the malfunctions of smart metres and pumps based on sensor data, as well as sending automated notifications to customers in the event of a potential water leak, the utility company said.

DEWA highlighted its ‘iService’ platform which uses metre diagnostics data to detect service interruptions and initiate rectification procedures automatically, as well as the detection of metre tampering and fraud, based on smart meter notifications. It also made note of its Hydronet project, which DEWA developed to use AI and deep learning to remotely monitor and control the water network in Dubai.

In February 2022, DEWA said that it had adopted a smart ball leak detection system to reduce water losses within its network.

All of these AI applications can interface with any SCADA system and provide real-time insights into the current state of the network. They can also fix leaks in seconds without human intervention, DEWA pointed out. The system is said to have won the Silver Team Idea of the Year Award at Ideas America 2020.

DEWA’s commitment to smart technologies is said to be seen by the fact that Dubai is now surpassing major European and American utilities in several indicators. The company clarified that in 2021, water network losses were reduced to 5.3%, compared to 15% in North America – thereby achieving one of the lowest rates worldwide.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA stated, “We seek to achieve the objectives of the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036. This is by using our advanced smart grid and the latest Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies as well as effective governance practices to raise efficiency and develop unique experiences that make Dubai a global model for clean energy, water, and green economy.”

In March, the utility company completed construction of the first stage of its ASR project, while in May, DEWA said it had completed 98.83% of the $72.4mn project to extend Dubai’s water transmission network.

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