Singapore to open first ‘integrated construction park’ this year

As part of its ongoing drive to modernise construction, Singapore will open its first ‘integrated construction park’ at Jurong Port in December this year.

The park will bring several primary supply chain processes together in one place, including cement and steel fabrication, concrete mixing and precasting, aggregate storage and volumetric module manufacturing.

The country’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) said the idea was to use land more efficiently, accelerate automation and encourage construction companies to do more offsite manufacturing, which it calls “Design for Manufacturing and Assembly” (DfMA).

The park will use conveyor belts to move materials to minimize vehicle trips.

DfMA target

BCA wants to increase the adoption of DfMA from 44% of gross floor area built today to 70% by 2025.

It says this will help construction companies boost productivity and reduce their reliance on foreign labour.

It plans to set up more integrated construction parks across the city state.

The Singaporean government is uniquely active in driving modernisation in construction.

Last year it said it would require companies throughout the construction supply chain to band together in “alliances”.

These alliances would have to come up with joint three-year-minimum business plans showing how they would raise productivity with DfMA and digitalisation.

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