Show your support this National Safe Work Month

October is National Safe Work Month and SafeWork NSW is urging everyone to commit to building safe and healthy workplaces.

This year, workplaces can get involved by hosting a ‘SafeTea’ event to start the conversation about health and safety at work.

A number of free virtual Construction Site Supervisor Workshops are available through SafeWork NSW to help supervisors create safer working environments. On October 13, a Consultation Workshop will help supervisors better understand how to manage Work Health and Safety in the construction industry.

A Safe Work Method Statements Workshop will be held on October 19, designed to further develop construction site supervisor’s understanding of their obligations for managing work health and safety.

There will also be construction safety Workshops held from October 20 to 27 covering Risk Management, Young and at Risk Workers, and High Risk Work Licences.

Head of SafeWork NSW Natasha Mann says Safe Work Month is the perfect time for businesses, employers, and workers to raise work, health and safety awareness – starting with a conversation over a cup of tea.

“The way we work has changed the past couple of years and our safety and well-being has never been more important,” Ms Mann says.

“Every workplace has risks. As part of National Safe Work Month, in October all businesses from accounting firms to construction are encouraged to host a SafeTea event at their workplace. So, grab a cuppa, gather your team, and start an important conversation about health and safety at work.

“SafeWork NSW has a range of SafeTea resources to download, including instructional posters to help drive conversations.”

Last year in Australia 163 people died while doing their job and this year’s theme – ‘Know safety, Work safely’ aims to demonstrate that no job should be unsafe or risk lives.

Ms Mann adds, “This October is the perfect time to look at your workplace, understand the risks and make simple changes to improve safety, because a safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone.”

Read more about Safe Work Month and how to plan your SafeTea event at:


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