SANY becomes the first Chinese heavy equipment manufacturer to export lighthouse factory

More than 100 human operators and 500 robots are working at the plant as part of the production chain

SANY has manufactured its first excavator in Indonesia marking the overseas launch of the first lighthouse factory in the Chinese construction machinery industry, the manufacturer said.

Located 70 kilometres away from the capital city of Jakarta, the SY315CKD was produced at a 10,000-square-metre plant in KIM Industrial Park with a total investment of nearly $30 million. The plant will mostly supply the southeastern Asia market while the planned annual production of the model is 3,000 units.

According to the company, SANY’s lighthouse factories look almost identical with AGVs that shuttle back and forth between production lines and warehouses, 100 or so human operators and over 500 robots that work together in a highly coordinated fashion. Online interconnection and autonomy have now been realised in twelve major links throughout the production chain, including assembly, logistics and commissioning.

Speaking on the announcement, Ding Shifeng, project leader, said: “This factory in Indonesia, drawing experiences from over 40 of its counterparts already built in China, epitomises the latest R&D achievements. It is the first ‘Industrial 4.0’ production base outside of China in the industry.”

He added: “Every piece of data in the industrial software and every bolt in the manufacturing facilities are produced according to SANY’s standard. This is a first for us, in this industry, to see a “made in China” mark on a standard, not on a product.”

Compared to SANY’s other bases in the US, Germany, India and Pakistan, this lighthouse factory is completely made and created by SANY from the design, construction and commissioning of the plant and its facilities to its operation and management.

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