Position Partners launches 3-in-1 mapping tool

SmartSurveyor handheld.

Position Partners has announced the launch of SmartSurveyor, a compact device that can be used for survey-grade aerial mapping projects in combination with the DJI Mavic 2 or 3 series, as well as the Phantom 4 drone.

The SmartSurveyor can be unclipped from the aircraft and used as a handheld photogrammetry tool with your smartphone camera, or a survey rover to measure ground control points.

Gavin Docherty, RPAS Market Development Manager at Position Partners says the SmartSurveyor has the ability to transform a drone or smartphone into an advanced photogrammetry tool, with full support for coordinate and datum transformation as well as geoid models.

“It takes just a few seconds to clip the SmartSurveyor onto a drone, or attach your smartphone for handheld applications, and users are ready to capture data and create point clouds, orthophotos and digital terrain models without any other external surveying equipment,” he says.

Unlike some drone mapping systems that rely on post-processed or real-time kinematic (PPK or RTK) technology, SmartSurveyor works with two or more ground control points (GCPs) and uses an iterative ultra-matching technique. This negates the need for an electrical connection between the camera shutter and GNSS receiver.

Following data capture, photos and the GNSS file are transferred to a PC and run through the Agisoft UltraMatch workflow. Once accuracy is confirmed using additional check points, results are ready to be exported.

Developed by geospatial technology innovator MetaSpatial, data collected using SmartSurveyor can then be processed and managed either in the cloud or locally on a computer using MapSender software.

Mr Docherty adds: “SmartSurveyor also works seamlessly off the AllDayRTK subscription GNSS network service, and data can be uploaded to Tokara, Position Partners’ remote access and project management solution, to overlay orthophotos onto the project map.”

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