Plan in for Nottingham 967-room student scheme

Vita Student will pioneer its new student accommodation concept: House of Social. This offers high-end sharing apartments designed to retain second- and third-year students in the city.

The firm will create 967 student rooms at Nottingham’s Grade II listed Guildhall along with the adjacent former fire and police stations.

Plans also outline better provision for pedestrian friendly pavements and support biodiversity with significant planting and new trees.

Mark Oakes, chief commercial officer for Vita Group, said: “A vastly underutilised redevelopment opportunity, Guildhall has the potential to be one of Nottingham’s major landmarks once again, bringing significant investment to the city and a historically important building back to life.

“The plans aim to create best-in-class student accommodation with outstanding amenities, while also easing pressures on local housing stock.

Plans include a 500-seat public food hall on site of Central Fire Station

“The Market Food Hall will create a go-to destination for all the city to enjoy, providing the perfect backdrop for exciting new independent restauranteurs to bring their new ventures to people across the region.”


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