NineDot launches Tesla Megapack-based 12.32MWh energy storage site in New York City

The project received $1.2mn in financing from NYSERDA and aligns with the city’s goal of 6,000MW of energy storage by 2030

Clean energy project developer NineDot has delivered New York’s first battery energy storage system (BESS). The site is located in the Bronx, New York City and features a 12.32MWh (megawatt-hours) Tesla Megapack system, a solar canopy, and infrastructure ready for bi-directional electric vehicle chargers. The site is described as “a model for how to develop future urban clean energy projects”.

“We are excited to formally cut the ribbon on our ‘Gunther’ Bronx battery energy storage site. Building battery storage sites in a dense urban environment requires an unusual set of skills and experience all brought together in NineDot Energy, as well as support from a wide range of visionary regulators and policy-makers and a terrific group of dedicated partners who we are thanking today,” said David Arfin, NineDot Energy CEO and Co-founder.

Combined with the large NineDot Energy pipeline, the project supports the company’s goal of delivering 400MW of clean energy systems by 2026 that strengthen the local power grid and provide stable, reliable and resilient power to tens of thousands of New York City households and businesses, the firm said.

In June 2022, Big Project Middle East hosted its inaugural Energy & Sustainability Summit. Watch the highlights of that event here.

The project is said to have received $1.2mn from NYSERDA through its Retail Energy Storage Incentive Program and supports New York’s goal of 6,000MW of energy storage by 2030.

Doreen M. Harris, President and CEO, NYSERDA added, “NYSERDA is proud to partner with companies like NineDot Energy that are committed to investing in energy storage projects that allow us to better integrate clean, renewable resources more efficiently. Once completed, this energy storage system will help to reduce electricity use from some of the dirtiest power plants in the Bronx during hot summer days, and will serve as a model for how to advance similar projects in congested urban environments.”

Vicki Kuo, Senior Vice President, Customer Energy Solutions, at Con Edison noted, “This project is special because it combines multiple technologies that will contribute to a clean energy future and make our region a leader in the fight against climate change. The ability of companies like NineDot to innovate, along with the commitment of Con Edison, our customers and other parties, will ensure that our state and city meet their environmental goals.”

In May, Tesla Energy said that it is still aiming for annual energy storage deployments of 1,500GWh by 2030, which would require an average CAGR of 90% over the decade.

NineDot Energy builds its battery storage sites in areas that sit at the intersection of existing infrastructure and high energy demand, the firm pointed out. Adam Cohen, NineDot Energy Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder remarked, “Finding the right sites requires a deep understanding of grid design and regulation along with extensive project-finance and decision-science skills, and we believe NineDot uniquely brings together all these capabilities in one innovative company.”

With battery storage, the Gunther site not only makes the local grid more robust, but also integrates more clean energy into the grid during times of peak demand, the company concluded.

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