New Flannery piling kit makes major impact for Morgan Sindall

The system not only reduces safety risks by limiting people plant interface, but it also reduces costs due to increased productivity and also through reducing damage to the piles thanks to the unique process of ‘milling’ the internal and external pile. Removing the breaking forces means that any unwanted cracking to the pile is minimised.

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure is on site at Queensferry Water Treatment Works, North Wales, where it is delivering a project for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water as part of the Capital Delivery Alliance.

The contract involves refurbishing the treatment works, building a new inlet designed to filter out any rags, nappies or other rubbish that has fallen into the sewer system before it moves onto the treatment phase.

With the project entering into its second month, piles are currently being processed to support the concrete slabs that will hold the screens of said inlet.

Historically, it has been quite difficult to allocate programme durations due to pile preparation.

Miles Parry, Site Manager for Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, said: “If we were to use traditional methods of breaking these piles down using CP9s or diggers, we could only break down one of these piles per day with a three person team.

“Using the Brextor enables us to rough out all of these piles with a machine, avoiding any potential injury to the team and eliminating the risk of hand and arm vibration. We can then go in afterwards and just trim everything up.”

This is the first time that Morgan Sindall Infrastructure has tried the Brextor on site.

Parry said: “Previous known piling methods are almost archaic. This may seem to be more expensive than a pile cropper at first but there’s no mess and less hand on contact for the operators. This is a 21st century bit of kit and it’s ideal for what we need. As far as I’m concerned, this ticks all the boxes.

“Using this sort of kit shows that people on site are valued – spending the money to not have someone on a jack hammer all day demonstrates that we care about their wellbeing. I’m hoping that this is the future and we continue to move away from the more traditional methods.”

Chris Matthew, Head of Business Strategy at Flannery Plant Hire, said: “In this industry, collaboration is key for us all to achieve the results that we hope for.

“Working with clients like Morgan Sindall Infrastructure to showcase and develop innovative technology means that we’re able to analyse both where it’s successful and where we can make adjustments. Listening to what our clients need will always be fundamental to how we run the business, and we’re excited to see the difference the Brextor can continue to make.”

Jonathan Hall, Plant and Transport Director at Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, added: “It’s exciting to see technology like the Brextor coming into the UK market, and we’re happy to be trialling it for the first time at our water project in North Wales.

“When we encountered a potential issue with the piling process, Flannery were on hand to listen to our concerns and suggest the best route moving forwards – and the Brextor has so far been the ideal solution.

“They were able to supply the attachment quickly, along with a specifically trained operator and their in-house expert, to ensure that everybody on site knew how it worked and that it was being used in the most efficient way. So far, we’re impressed with what it can do, and we look forward to seeing the end results.”

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