Network Rail reveals top 20 suppliers spend

Network Rail raise spending among its leading suppliers by 12%, with major power supplier EDF continuing to rank as the biggest supplier followed by signalling and train control specialist Siemens Mobility in second place.

Network Rail’s top 20 suppliers by spend
Rank Supplier 2021/22 2020/21 2020/19 % latest
1 EDF Energy Customers £474m £407m £425m 6.1%
2 Siemens Mobility £353m £289m £121m 4.6%
3 BAM Nuttall £317m £247m £202m 4.1%
4 East West Rail Phase 2 Alliance £242m £173m £86m 3.1%
5 J Murphy & Sons £233m £206m £146m 3.0%
6 Amalgamated Construction £221m £199m £175m 2.9%
7 Amey Rail £172m £124m £263m 2.2%
8 Colas Rail (RS Alliance) £170m £163m n/a 2.2%
9 Alexander Mann Solutions £131m n/a n/a 1.7%
10 Balfour Beatty Rail (RS Alliance) £127m £122m n/a 1.6%
11 Balfour Beatty Rail £119m £141m £225m 1.5%
12 Colas Rail £115m £110m £169m 1.5%
13 Atkins £113m £112m £90m 1.5%
14 Story Contracting £110m £111m £77m 1.4%
15 QTS Group £110m £109m £89m 1.4%
16 Octavius Infrastructure £105m £93m £91m 1.4%
17 Alstom Transport UK £99m n/a n/a 1.3%
18 SPL Powerlines UK £93m n/a n/a 1.2%
19 British Steel £84m £86m n/a 1.1%
20 VolkerRail £80m n/a £97m 1.0%
Total top 20 supplier spend £3.47bn £3.1bn £2.7bn 44.8%

Among the civils contractors, BAM Nuttal ranked top after a whopping 28% jump in rail revenue to £317m.

Combined revenue from Colas Rail and its Rail Systems Alliance operations, listed separately by Network Rail, are combined at a total spend of £285m.

Likewise Balfour Beatty Rail’s combined revenue with Network Rail totalled £246m, ranking it third among the main civil engineering contractors.

The top 20 suppliers saw their take of total spending in the supply chain rise to nearly 45% up from 41% in 2019/20.


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