Measuring mental health in the workplace

October is Mental Health Month and SafeWork NSW is encouraging employers to explore a new free digital Workplace Wellbeing Assessment Tool (WWAT).

The objective of the tool, developed as part of the NSW Mentally Healthy Workplace Strategy, is to help improve understanding and management of workplace mental health by businesses.

Head of SafeWork NSW, Natasha Mann, said while 80 per cent of NSW workplaces take a reactive or ad-hoc approach to mental health at work, there are benefits from having a mentally healthy workplace from reduced absenteeism to staff turnover.

“This is not just about the mental health of your workers, this is about making the best workplace environment in your workplace both mentally and physically,” Ms Mann said.

“A mentally healthy workplace provides many benefits back into the business, including increased staff engagement and productivity. But despite the benefits, many people in NSW are not aware of the role workplaces play in preventing mental health issues and supporting recovery.

“The free self-assessment tool helps set up a survey which businesses can use to confidentially survey their staff, with the results informing businesses how to plan and respond to risks and create workplaces where mental health thrives.

“The tool measures and monitors a workplace’s capability by identifying gaps and areas for improvement. It also provides actions for the business to take to reduce risks and allows them to compare themselves with others across the State.”

The free resource is available to any NSW business looking to create a safe working environment where the mental health of their workers is prioritised.

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