McConnell Dowell to deliver Tongan port upgrade

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McConnell Dowell has been selected to support the Tonga Ports Authority in upgrading the Nuku’alofa Port.

The Nuku’alofa Port is the country’s main international port and a crucial part of their economy, with an estimated 98% of Tonga’s imports arriving by sea. The important upgrade will see the port modernised and climate-proofed, as well as the improvement of overall port operations and an increase in container capacity.

Main features of the project include an extension to Wharf 2 to better accommodate larger vessels, construction of a new dolphin between Wharf 1 and 2, construction of new dolphins on the eastern side of Wharf 1, reconstruction of Wharf 1, and general improvements such as reorganisation, new paving, drainage, smart lighting, waste management and firefighting.

To ensure that the port remains operational with minimal disruption during construction, the works will be completed in three phases, with a mix of marine and onshore work.

McConnell Dowell will deliver the port works with the support of specialist subcontractors who have expertise in delivering works in Tonga and the Pacific region.

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