Manitou launches electric platform range with four new models

With the launch of the new products, the Manitou Group is the first manufacturer to have a range of 100% electric rough-terrain platforms from 16m to 20m, a spokesperson said

Manitou has launched its ‘Oxegyn’ low emissions platform range with four new electric platform models designed for greater maneuverability and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The 200 ATJe rough-terrain platform with a working height of 20m comes with four-wheel steer and a basket that can now take 250kg of load – 30kg more than on the two-wheel drive version. According to the manufacturer, the TCO has been reduced with an almost 50% decrease in maintenance costs compared to the internal combustion version.

The range of rough-terrain electric telehandlers welcomes two models, the 160 ATJe and 180 ATJe. With a working height of 16m and 18m respectively, these platforms also see their capacity increased by 50kg allowing them to take a total weight of 250kg.

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There is also a second version named 160 ATJ+ e, with capacity significantly increased to 400kg. The 160, 180 and 200 ATJe models also come with a Safety Pack, protecting the operator and the site teams, as well as alerting fleet managers to any high-risk behavior, the company stated.

This includes forgotten harness detection and detection of obstacles around the machine’s chassis, while a ‘lighting’ pack consisting of several lights is positioned on the platform to help with safe loading and unloading.

“With all these new products, Manitou Group is the first manufacturer to have a range of 100% electric rough-terrain platforms from 16m to 20m. The acceleration of our electric development allows us to now offer low-emission solutions across our platform ranges, as well as on our telehandlers. We will continue to extend this energy to other ranges in accordance with the objectives of our CSR roadmap,” said Arnaud Boyer, VP of Marketing & Product Development.

In June 2022, AFI said it grew its material handling brand AFI Lifting with Manitou telehandlers and, in September 2022, Manitou acquired ATN Platforms to boost its product range.


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