Lee Marley Brickwork revenue soars to record £57m

The sharp growth to record revenue was supported by rolled over work from 2020 due to delays caused by the Covid-19 lockdowns.

But the emergence of significant cost inflation in the second half of the year and the fixed price nature of most construction contracts led to a reduction in group margins.

These challenges saw pre-tax profit slip to £1m from £1.5m the year before.

Over the year, the average headcount rose by over 50% to 178 staff.

Founder Lee Marley, who set up the business in 1997 at just 24 years old, said that the firm has secured a record order book this year and has also negotiated clauses with clients to ensure that material price increases are mitigated either by forward purchases or price re-negotiation with our clients.

The group continues to invest for the future with scaffolding equipment and fleet additions of £2.77m.

Investments in social housing and build to rent schemes now form the majority of the housing units on schemes the group works on helping to create a committed base in the firm’s core multi-storey residential market.

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