Kier wins Swansea £15m community hub job

Work will start in the autumn to transform the Oxford Street building in the city centre.

Architect Austin-Smith:Lord has designed the conversion of the 1950s building, giving it open and active shop frontages to maintain vibrancy to Oxford St and Princess Way.

Council leader Rob Stewart said: “Kier helped us build the Bay Field Hospital for the NHS during the pandemic against very tight deadlines and were responsible for improvements at YG Gwyr and YGG Tan-y-Lan which have been warmly welcomed by pupils and parents alike.

“The community hub will create a fantastic new library and local services hub in the city centre, right next to the planned new Castle Square Gardens which is currently out to consultation ahead of consideration by the planning committee.”

Planned Swansea community hub building in the city centre

The ground floor exterior is largely windows and that upper floors feature large glazed openings to show activity and a welcoming ethos.

Cladding will give the building a more consistent look than at present. Translucent cladding could be backlit to act as a beacon to help attract visitors.

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