Kier chalks up Wolverhampton academy job

In late 2020, St. Peter’s Academy was named as one of the first schools in the country to participate in the Government’s new 10-year, 500-school rebuilding and refurbishment programme.

The project is multi-phase, involving design and planning, through to demolition of existing buildings, installing specialist temporary accommodation, and the build of a new secondary school.

The new academy building will replace four of the secondary school’s current seven buildings and will be located on the site of “A block”.

Kier will start on site next summer, with subjects currently taught in A block moving into temporary accommodation in Autumn 2023.

This specialist accommodation is provided as part of the project to minimise disruption. It is anticipated that the new building will open in the Summer of 2025 and during that autumn blocks B, C and F will make way for enhanced outdoor facilities.

David Yorke, regional director, Kier Construction Eastern and Midlands, said that since 2020, Kier has now delivered over 20 education projects across the Eastern & Midlands region.


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