John Holland engineer named 30,000th chartered engineer

Engineers Australia has reached a major milestone, welcoming its 30,000th active Chartered member at a ceremony in Sydney.

The Chartered status can be earned across 24 areas of engineering practice, from chemical or biomedical engineering to fire safety, leadership and management, and systems engineering.

Engineers Australia CEO, Bronwyn Evans AM said the many benefits of Chartered status include increased professional standing, upskilling, and recognition within a Chartered engineer’s own workplace and the wider engineering sector.

“Chartered credentials are internationally benchmarked and recognised, demonstrating that Australian Engineers are at the global forefront and meet world class competency standards,” Evans said.

“Chartered is about best practice.”

John Holland’s systems engineer Durgadevi Devarajan MIEAust was named the 30,000 active Chartered member.

“It’s a great opportunity to be the 30,000 chartered member. I feel it is a great success and it helps me take pride in my engineering achievements that I have worked on for so many years,” Devarajan said.

“The kind of recognition and accreditation that comes from achieving chartered status enables our stakeholders and clients to trust our expertise and it gives me confidence that will help me to move forward in my career.”

Devarajan achieved her credential through John Holland’s in-house Chartered engineer program, run in partnership with Engineers Australia.

John Holland is aiming to build a chartered workforce over the coming years and to constantly mentor graduate engineers towards the program.

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