InEight launches new project management tool

InEight, a capital project and program management software company, has launched a new project controls solution to manage progressive project delivery models.

InEight Design aims to deliver an integrated project controls process to manage design scopes, and provide traceability in design quantities, for progressive project delivery models.

The technology is launching after a successful pilot where it has been deployed on more than $14 billion of design-build and other partnership model work, reducing design quantity growth risk by up to 20 per cent and reducing engineering costs by 10 per cent.

Users can eliminate surprises that impact budgets and schedules through improved visibility into design progress and construction work that is aligned with the latest design quantities.

InEight Chief Product Officer Brad Barth said global demand for construction continues to rise, and progressive delivery contracting models are becoming the norm for large complex projects.

“Managing and controlling the design scope on these projects is critical to overall success, yet until now design firms have been left to use disconnected spreadsheets to help manage their work,” Barth said.

This powerful design management solution fills that void, providing a project controls solution for design work that provides visibility, collaboration, and accountability across the multiple stakeholders involved in these projects.”

The software helps engineering and design teams control their scopes, manage their resources, predict completion dates, track progress, and manage earned values as the design work proceeds through 30-60-90-IFC milestones.

The result is better coordination, accountability, and visibility across design and construction teams, eliminating surprises for integrated project delivery.

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