Industry wins two-year delay on CE marking switch

The decision to give product manufacturers and producers more ‘breathing space’ came after construction leaders urged Government ministers for a delay warning the present testing regime was in chaos.

Under Government plans, the CE quality stamp would no longer be officially recognised from 1 January.

CE marks will continue to be recognised until 31 December 2024 under new transition plan to UK CA marking

Under a new compromise twin-track approach the UK CA mark still will still come into force as planned, but manufacturers will get an extra two years’ grace to transition, during which time both CE and UK CA marked products are valid.

The Construction Leadership Council raised the alarm several weeks ago warning that global manufacturers were starting to withdraw products because transition arrangements were in a mess and manufacturers regarded the UK as too difficult to do business with.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps said given the difficult economic conditions, the government did not want to burden business with the requirement to meet the 31 December 2022 deadline.

Shapps said: “This move will give businesses the breathing space and flexibility they need at this crucial time and ensure that our future system for product safety marking is fit for purpose, providing the highest standard for consumers without harming businesses.

“To support manufacturers, the government is also reviewing the wider product safety framework, ensuring we minimise the burdens on business while keeping our system up to date with new innovative methods such as e-labelling.

“As part of this, the government will make it easier than ever for businesses to apply product markings.

“This package will give thousands of businesses, including electronics and lift manufacturers, additional time to focus on delivering growth and creating jobs, while giving them flexibility in how they meet their legal obligations.”


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