How construction starts fare by US region

Construction Dive is taking a look at the four different regions of the U.S. and how analysts expect these construction markets to rebound from the pandemic.

U.S. construction starts across the board should continue to grow for the rest of the year, despite economic and geopolitical headwinds, according to a Dodge mid-year construction outlook webinar.

The war in Ukraine, supply chain issues and rising inflation are weakening construction starts, but Dodge economists still expect positive growth for construction, boosted by a number of projects in backlog.

Still, these experts peg the probability of a recession within the next year or so “uncomfortably high” – close to 35%.

Others have a glass-half-full outlook. Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi said earlier this week the U.S. economy is not headed toward recession, “nor is it the most likely path for the economy.”

This series consists of construction data, anecdotal projects and forecasts for the West, Midwest, Northeast and South regions in the U.S.

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