How a broker’s ‘culture of collaboration’ benefits clients

In today’s challenging market, a knowledgeable, reputable and innovative broker can serve as a valuable business partner and key strategic advisor. So, what differentiates one broker from another? Michael Marino, Chairman & CEO of American Global believes it begins, in large part, with a company’s culture. In 2014, he specifically set out to build a brokerage where collaboration is a core value and diversity of experience is a major differentiator. But how does that culture truly benefit the client?  

Collaboration in a flat, non-siloed organization like American Global, encourages employees to actively engage their teammates—regardless of where they reside—in order to leverage knowledge and gain insight that adds value for clients. Many of these teammates are what American Global calls ‘non-traditional’ resources who may be newer to the brokerage business but have a deep and focused background in the construction industry—be it in law, accounting, financial modeling, or even engineering—having actual experience building some iconic and complicated projects. These ‘non-traditional’ resources work closely with some of the most experienced brokers in the industry, collaborating across American Global’s entire platform to dive deep into their clients’ business and deliver meaningful business advice.

Thinking outside the box

This commitment to collaboration also extends externally to the broker-client relationship, where a ‘team’ mentality promotes early engagement with frequent and transparent communications. Honest communication with clients empowers American Global to think outside the box, unwilling to accept “the status quo.” Their team of attorneys, engineers, CPA’s, financial analysts and experienced brokers thrive on reviewing contracts, introducing potential JV partners, discussing risk allocation between parties and other best practices, as a way to generate different results and help clients grow profitably. 

Local knowledge, global assets

As a broker ‘without borders’, American Global’s flat structure provides yet another benefit: the ability for clients to work with a local, regionally based service team in one of multiple locations, while having access to the full breadth of their global assets. 

This model is particularly advantageous for a growing business. As clients take on larger projects or expand into new geographies, insurance and surety needs change. American Global is fully equipped to grow with their clients, providing greater global resources and extensive experience with complex placements and alternative delivery programs, all while clients maintain the relationship they’ve built with their existing service team.  

A win-win 

Since its inception in 2014, American Global has grown into one of the largest privately held construction brokers in the US. Their collaborative culture has clearly proven to be a win-win scenario. In less than nine years, American Global has expanded its people and its presence both domestically and internationally, with clients across the US, the UK, Latin America and Europe. And while their growth has been exponential, it has not been accidental. American Global continues to expand organically and methodically, in accordance with another core company value, “one client at a time, one colleague at a time.”

As they continue to revolutionize the insurance industry, American Global reminds owners, developers and contractors, to “expect more from your broker.”

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