Green office plan to use granite columns instead of steel

The planned six-storey office block in Islington has been designed by architect Eric Parry for developer Universal Consolidate Group and is using natural materials to reduce net carbon.

Plan for 31-37 Central Street site in Islington with perimeter load-bearing granite piers

The superstructure of the 63,000 sq ft building will be formed using load-bearing granite perimeter columns linked to concrete floors with bespoke window panels incorporating natural ventilation.

Granite structural piers are likely to be imported but will reduce embodied carbon on the project

The top storey will be constructed in engineered timber, as the least carbon-intensive structural option. An entire frame in timber was explored but dropped over concerns of combustibility.

Most of the building’s energy will be provided by Bunhill energy centre and a PV array will be installed on elevated frames above the roof terrace.

The professional team includes structural engineer Michael Hadi Associates and building services engineer P3R

Plans have been submitted to the local council.


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