Graham gets go-ahead for £124m M25 Jnct 28

Graham has got the final go-ahead for its £124m upgrade of junction 28 of the M25 between the M25 and the A12 in Essex.

M25 Junction 28 Improvement creates a two-lane loop road with a hard shoulder for traffic travelling from the M25 northbound carriageway onto the A12 eastbound carriageway towards Essex

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps gave the formal go-ahead on Monday marking the second major M25 junction improvement to be cleared to start in the last few days.

Work on the major upgrade, which includes constructing a major two-lane loop road with hard shoulder for traffic travelling from the M25 to A12, will now start in the autumn.

The M25 junction 28 plays suffers from long queues and heavy congestion daily, at peak times up to 7,500 vehicles per hour pass through this heavily used junction.

Significant features of the improvement works

  • A new two-lane loop road with hard shoulder
  • Works on A12 eastbound to maintain existing access to Maylands Golf Course
  • An overbridge at A12 eastbound exit road to allow the proposed loop road to pass beneath
  • Widening of the M25 anti-clockwise carriageway for proposed exit road
  • A bridge over the M25 anti-clockwise entry road to facilitate a new loop road

The award is Graham’s latest National Highways win with the contractor delivering improvements to Junction 5 of the M2 and finishing Junction 25 of the M25.

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