Genie introduces alarm to reduce noise emissions on jobsites

The White Noise Alarm is designed to minimise public disturbances by dissipating quicker than a regular tonal alarm

Genie has introduced a new White Noise Alarm that detects movement on mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and is an optional fitting for Genie equipment. The new alarm provides an alternative to a traditional tonal alarm and can reduce noise emissions on jobsites by up to 45%, the manufacturer says.

Like a traditional tonal alarm, the new White Noise Alarm sounds when a MEWP travels forward or in reverse, or moves up or down, the firm explained.

Construction Machinery Middle East will host the latest edition of its popular Access & Handling Summit on 16 November. The summit will touch on operator and site safety; registration is complementary but mandatory for construction professionals.

The manufactured not that instead of making a beeping sound, the White Noise Alarm makes more of a whooshing sound, which can be heard by personnel who are in direct proximity to the MEWP, but which dissipates quicker than a tonal alarm if further away, due to the technical acoustical differences in the alarm.

“On busy jobsites, personnel can become desensitised to competing warning alarms coming from a variety of equipment. However, because the White Noise Alarm makes a sound that is directional and not penetrating, it is more obvious from where the sound is coming. As a result, it is audible only to people who are near the equipment and serves as an immediate reminder to watch out,” says Bryan Williams, Genie Product Manager.

In June 2022, Genie brought its new hydraulic oil containment system to global markets.

In addition to crowded job sites, the alarm can be beneficial for environmentally sensitive work areas, or for after-hours work in locations where it is important to minimise public disturbances.

In September 2022, Genie recognised Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment with a dealer award.

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