Funding secured for Tasmania’s Midlands Health Centre

The Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre will receive significant upgrades thanks to a new partnership between the Tasmanian Government, the Southern Midlands Council, the Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre Auxiliary and Community Advisory Committee.

In addition to the $3.5 million that the Tasmanian Government plan to inject into the Oatlands community to upgrade and expand the Midlands Multi-Purpose Health Centre, the additional funding will include the construction of new staffing accommodation units.

As part of the project, the Health Centre will be redeveloped and a new residential aged care wing will be built.

The new eight-bedroom wing will be adjacent to the existing wing and will eventually increase care capacity from 18 to 26 care beds on site. It will include ensuites and contemporary supporting amenities, such as a medical store, staff team room and nurse’s station.

The redevelopment will also see the current residential care wing – known as the Callington Wing – refurbished with increased consulting rooms, storage and relocation of administrative offices.

Additionally, the palliative care unit that is currently remote from clinical areas will be relocated within the subacute wing of the health centre.

Works will happen in three stages, with construction of the new wing to take place in stage one, refurbishment of the Callington Wing in stage two and relocation of the palliative care unit in stage three.

Stages two and three are subject to future master planning including detailed design, costing and future funding.

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