FP McCann makes first cement-free precast pipes

Instead of Portland cement, FP McCann worked with international partners to introduce a geopolymer low-carbon binder that is formed from the chemical activation of Fly Ash and Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag.

It is claimed that this geopolymer binder, made utilising the materials from recycling streams, can reduce the overall environmental impact and the CO₂ emissions associated with Portland cement by up to 80%.

High performance concrete made with this novel material is achieving similar strengths to traditional materials while, due to the chemistry of the geopolymer binder, providing improved durability in many aggressive environments.

After extensive research and use in the UK’s ready-mix industry, the next step will be an introduction of the geopolymer concrete in the precast sector.

Here, the low carbon alternatives can combine with modern manufacturing methods to provide an innovative solution for the construction sector.

This work is carried out in conjunction with FP McCann’s wider low carbon initiative, working closely with suppliers and customers to provide economical, high-quality, and sustainable products.


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