FIA to launch formwork safety program

The Formwork Industry Association (FIA) is launching a new safety program to provide workers a pathway for micro credential learning on formwork specific issues.

The move follows industry feedback to create industry wide and recognised minimum levels of safety. Feedback also states a need to re-engage workers in learning to prepare them for future training.

In late 2021, the FIA, as part of its strategy to provide a new education and training pathway, sought funding from SafeWork NSW to prevent or minimise harms by improving workplace health and safety, and reducing serious injuries and fatalities in NSW workplaces.

The proposed solution was the introduction of a Safe Formworker Pilot Program – a pathway for workers to receive micro credential learning on formwork specific safety issues.

The program aims to provide specific formwork skills and positive awareness of the industry risks.

Activities will focus on the individual formworker to allow that person to increase their safety knowledge and skills, allowing them to become more employable, more connected to the industry and their peers and increase motivation and enthusiasm in the industry.

The easy-to-access micro credential learning program will be accessible to workers at toolbox talks, pre starts or other times in the shed via mobile learning.

the FIA hopes to re-engage workers in learning, tackle the language barriers and prepare workers for further learning with video and image-based learning and gamification.

The program is expected to launch in July this year.

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