Engineers Australia introduces Construction Engineering Area of Practice

Engineers Australia’s Chief Engineer Jane MacMaster FIEAust CPEng

Engineers Australia has introduced a new Construction Engineering Area of Practice (AoP) to help maintain a skills pipeline.

The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has worked closely with Engineers Australia since 2020 to introduce an AoP.

Engineers Australia’s Chief Engineer Jane MacMaster said this collaborative effort over the past two years sets the Construction Engineering AoP apart from others.

“[This AoP] has brought together a lot of hard-working people, which has culminated in an Area of Practice that’s really well supported. One of the key products that’s come out of that has been the Construction Engineering Learning and Development Guide,” MacMaster said.

This guide and Engineers Australia’s Chartered credential competencies will serve as guidance for the engineering practitioners in Construction Engineering.

Being a Chartered Engineer in construction engineering recognises an engineer as having the necessary skills and knowledge, based on international benchmarks for engineering competencies, to practice independently in construction engineering.

Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists and Engineering Associates can now seek membership and Chartership in this new Construction Engineering AoP (PDF).

“The Construction Engineering AoP ensures Engineers Australia continues to lead the way in raising industry standards, regulation and the standing of our profession,” MacMaster said.

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