Empower launches operations at 50,000RT cooling plant in Business Bay

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower)’s Business Bay district cooling capacity now stands at over 185,000 refrigeration tons (RT), following the launch of its fourth district cooling plant.

The launch of the new 50,000RT plant is said to be part of Empower’s strategy to meet the increasing demand for company’s environmentally friendly district cooling services, and reflects its keenness to provide high quality cooling services to the corporate and individual customers in the Business Bay region, which is witnessing a high growth in population density.

“The fourth district cooling plant in Business Bay represents company’s latest achievement in the development and innovation of the district cooling sector, as it follows leading standards that contribute to reducing energy consumption for cooling operations. It also adopts sustainable methodologies in the use of treated wastewater, and applies a standard distribution technology that ensure high reliable service, which together strengthen our pioneering position in keeping pace with the standards of leadership in energy and environmental design for our plants,” said Empower CEO Ahmad Bin Shafar.

He also pointed out that the number of companies that are rushing to open their headquarters in the region is increasing due its vitality and the entry of new quality projects into the market. The list includes the ‘The Residences Dorchester Collection Dubai’, the ‘Lana Hotel’ and other major projects, most notably the ‘SLS Dubai Hotel and Apartments’, the ‘Paramount Hotel Dubai’ and many others.

Bin Shafar also stated that with its new plant, Empower is leveraging advanced technologies in its operations, including Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems, which contributes to reducing load on state power grid during peak hours. He noted this is the case across all of the firm’s district cooling plants.

In addition to artificial intelligence applications and weather forecast data analysis, the company also leverages Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) technology in the plant’s operations, with the aim of reducing freshwater consumption and preserving natural resources for future generations, he concluded.

In January, the firm said it is providing district cooling services to Jumeirah Masra Al Arab. In March 2022, the firm awarded a $52.54mn contract for a next generation district cooling plant in Dubai Land Residence Complex, and in April said its network grew by 33.2% between 2018 and 2021.

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