Elements Europe to build £100m modular Hackney hotel

The project in Hackney is being funded by UBS Asset Management Real Estate & Private Markets (REPM) and development partners BSW Land and Property and The Pickstock Group who own Elements Europe.

The East Road scheme will provide five-storeys of high quality offices below a 17-storey volumetric modular Motel One 4-star hotel.

The majority of the superstructure will be constructed by prefabricated modules, minimising environmental effects and disruption thanks to fewer site deliveries.

Elements Europe recently secured significant investment through majority acquisition by the giant South Korean Conglomerate GS E&C.

Simon Underwood, CEO of Elements Europe said: “We look forward to working with our partners in this prime, central London location, on this advanced scheme.

“Elements Europe has considerable experience as a leading large scale modular manufacturing and construction company, having been founded over 17 years ago.

“Now supported by one of the world’s leading construction and engineering Group’s – GS E&C – it enables us to provide certainty and security for our customers in today’s difficult markets.

“The environmental aspects of this scheme are important to us as a business and are another example of how the industry can continue to modernise for our sustainable future.”

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