Dunore look to shake-up utility sector

In July 2021, two industry veterans, Tim Carroll and Jon Newsham joined forces to challenge the traditional working practices and standards in the utility industry.

In a short space of time the Northampton-based firm has developed a reputation as a trusted partner for construction and development companies who are faced with the challenge of navigating the complex maze of utilities.

The utility duo have also appointed five new team members to meet the continuing client demand and to elevate its service.

As a direct response to significant success in the North of England, Dunore has appointed Liam Percy as Project Manager who will lead operations in the region.

Percy brings a wealth of industry experience, having managed utility projects across a range of sectors, including construction and food and beverage.

With over 12 years working in the utilities industry, Percy has specialised in stakeholder management, supply chain management and application management, and is driven by finding solutions to complex projects for his clients. He joins from CNG Energy.

Dunore Utility Connections director Newsham said: “Core to the sustainable growth of the consultancy has been challenging the complex rulebook that has long plagued the utility industry.

“We believe construction and development companies deserve a better quality of customer service than has been traditionally offered. It is no secret that utilities are inherently complex and in such a fragmented and disjointed industry, a single point of contact saves time, stress and unforeseen costs.

“Dunore Utility Connections exist to solve complex problems and that will always remain our guiding light”.

Carroll added: “We are proud to not just be surviving, but thriving in what has been a rapidly evolving and rocky time for the power and utilities sector.

“Construction and development projects are notoriously stressful due to the many moving parts and it is easy to let utility connections fall to the bottom of the list. We are here to make an arduous process simple for our clients and our agility, trusted supply chain and understanding of the market makes this achievable.

“We are immensely proud of our ever-growing team who bring a wealth of multi-faceted expertise to the consultancy. We have expanded into a bigger office for the second time since launch to facilitate our future growth – in this new, hybrid working world, it is important we have a central hub for our team”.

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