Dubai Islands set to offer world-class connectivity

Nakheel unveils masterplan for new island cluster, purpose-designed for ‘innovative living’

Dubai-based developer Nakheel has unveiled its new plan for Dubai Islands, comprising five island sites with a total area of 17 sq km. Their stated mission is to ‘enhance the wellbeing and lifestyles of residents and visitors’.

Aligning with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, Dubai Islands (formerly known as Deira Islands) will reinforce the emirate’s position as a global destination of choice for residents, visitors and investors.

According to Nakheel, each island will have its own unique offerings, with innovative living experiences, cultural hubs, recreational sport beaches and beach clubs, all in one interconnected location within easy access of the city and airport.

The islands will be home to over 80 resorts and hotels, including luxury and wellness resorts, boutique, family and eco-conscious hotels, supporting Dubai’s ambition to boost the tourism and hospitality sector by increasing the overall number of hotel keys.

Dubai Islands will feature over 20 km of beaches – including a Blue Flag certified beach – as well as two sq. km. of parks and open spaces, and a number of premium golf courses, all overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Infrastructure arrangements include a well-connected network of marinas, promenades and pathways for water transport, walking and biking – again echoing the proposals of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan for developing vibrant and healthy communities.

On the new venture, Nakheel CEO Naaman Atallah said: “Dubai Islands are an integral part of the future vision for the emirate, focusing on enhancing the health, happiness and wellbeing of residents and visitors, as well as providing the highest standards and variety of urban infrastructure and facilities.

“Dubai Islands will add to the Nakheel portfolio of residential, retail, hospitality and leisure developments, offering another destination within a destination.”

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