DEWA’s Jebel Ali complex wins Guinness World Record title

The accolade hallmarks the facility as the largest single-site desalination plant in the world

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has won a Guinness World Records title for owning and managing the largest single-site water desalination facility in the world – Jebel Ali Power Generation & Water Production Complex – with a production capacity of 2.22m cu/m per day.

This is the second world record title for Jebel Ali complex. Last year, it had clinched the record for being the largest single-site natural gas power generation facility in the world. The facility has a power generation capacity of 9,547MW.

Announcing the recognition, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director & CEO, said that DEWA works to achieve a number of ambitious development plans to keep pace with the growing demand for electricity and water services, as well as with Dubai’s ambitious urban and economic plans.

In August 2022, DEWA said that smart solutions are a priority and, later in the month, it announced revenues of US $1.91bn for Q2 2022.

“We carry on the journey of excellence in all fields and at all levels and move steadily towards preparing for the next 50 years and building a sustainable future. This supports the UAE Centennial 2071 objectives to make the UAE the world’s leading nation by its centennial in 2071,” he said.

The DEWA chief received the certificate from Guinness World Records officials during the 24th edition of Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (Wetex) and Dubai Solar Show 2022.

He pointed out that DEWA adopts three pillars to sustain water production – using clean solar energy to desalinate seawater; using reverse osmosis technology, which consumes less energy than MSF plants; and the Aquifier Storage and Recovery (ASR) project, through which excess desalinated water production is stored in underground basins, retrieved and pumped back into the water network as needed.

In September 2022, DEWA announced that it had received four bids for the 900MW sixth phase of the MBR Solar Park and, later in the month, it called for EoIs for a major solar power project.

“This innovative holistic model preserves the environment and represents a sustainable economic solution. It also underlines Dubai’s ability to anticipate and shape the future,” he concluded.

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