Dewan launches design competition for rehab centre for Iraqi terror victims

Dewan Architects + Engineers has invited architects and engineers from around the globe to submit building design proposals for a rehabilitation centre for terror victims in Iraq. The firm said the first prize would be six months of fully paid employment or a cash alternative of US $6,000.

According to a statement, the rehabilitation centre is part of the Tamayouz Excellence Award programme, which champions and celebrates the best architecture in Iraq and worldwide. It focuses on designs that respond to the local challenges in Iraq. The annual open-ideas architectural competition was founded to empower young architects worldwide, and provide crucial guidance to excel in the industry.

The statement explained that the first prize of six-months employment at Dewan is renewable up to one year with a salary of $2,720 month or a cash alternative of $6,000. The second prize is $3,000 plus a certificate of award and the third is $1,000, plus a certificate of award.

Commenting on the eligibility criteria, Dewan said architects, students, engineers, and designers can take part in the competition. It can be either as individuals or a team (maximum of six members). The deadline for submitting the entries has been set at October 1.

The criteria for the rehabilitation centre is that it should provide a safe and comfortable space for patients and have the facilities to support their health, psychological and physical needs. It will be developed on a 50,337sqm site in the Zayouna area of Baghdad, which is located on the Al Rusafa side of the Iraqi capital, with the Army Canal on its north side, and the Mohammed Al Qassim Expressway on the south.

The area is considered wealthy, and the communities are home to senior officers of the Iraqi military. The Tuesday Central Market, public and private schools, the teacher’s training institute, and the Al-Firdaws family swimming pool are within the residential community, stated Dewan.

The company added that the centre will be strictly for rehabilitation and not medical treatment. Specialists at these units will work positively with injured people allowing them to reach their full potential and help them from coping mechanisms for the memories formed around the traumatic experiences.

The centre will help people develop their skills and confidence to rejoin society and the job market. Each facility will contain indoor and outdoor spaces for social interaction, sporting activities and learning, it stated.

Mohamed Al Assam, the founder and chairman of Dewan, was involved with the Tamayouz Excellence Award for many years as a supporter, member of the Advisory Board and jury member for various competitions. Tamayouz is a collection of awards that celebrate the best architecture worldwide and the achievements of individuals who have made significant contributions to humanity.

Ammar Al Assam, CEO of Dewan, said the exciting international award will focus on designs that respond to the local challenges in Iraq. The award submissions must include facilities for each of the five pillars of the rehabilitation centre, health, safety and privacy, hope, psychological rehabilitation, training and capacity building, he said, adding that through this award scheme, Dewan was encouraging the participation of multidisciplinary teams.

Judges of the single-stage competition will identify the most appropriate proposal that best translates and satisfies the award’s objectives. Besides Mohamed Al Assam, the Founder of Dewan Architects + Engineers, the other award jury members include regional players such as Prof Jala Makhzoumi (Beirut – UNIT 44); Prof Wendy Pullan (Cambridge University); Prof Shaban Taha (Cairo – Shoubra University); Nadia Habash (Ramallah – Head Engineering Association in Palestine); Dr Davide Ponzini (Milan – Politecnico di Milano); Lucinda Anis (London – Kommune Studio); Kathy Basheva (London – Studio Basheva); Ahmed Al-Azzawi (Milton Keynes – Dewan Award coordinator of Tamayouz); Ahmed Al Mallak (Founding Director – Tamayouz Excellence Award).

The judges will shortlist the entries in October and the finalists will be announced the following month, and the winner will be announced at the annual Tamayouz Excellence Award Ceremony to be held by the end of 2022.

In June 2021, the architecture and engineering firm announced its intent to expand into Saudi Arabia. In March 2022, the firm said it plans to elevate Egypt as a premier destination, and, in May 2022, it was appointed as the lead design consultant for the Qiddiya Water Theme Park.

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