Degraded manhole upgraded in live wastewater environment

Coates’ bespoke shoring and water management solution supports safe excavation and construction.

The project

South Australia Water needed to relocate a sewer access point on Regency Road in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. The work formed part of the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure’s (DPTI) $354.3 million Regency Road to Pym Street (R2P) Project, designed to ease congestion for commuters.

SA Water engaged Fulton Hogan to deliver the works, first decommissioning the degraded underground manhole, then constructing a new and more durable access point five metres upstream.

Coates Engineering Solutions was appointed to deliver a turnkey temporary works, water management and equipment hire solution to support Fulton Hogan in completing the complex two-stage scheme of works.

The challenge

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was working safely and efficiently in live operating environments.

“All of the excavation and construction work was performed in a confined, live wastewater environment, with flows up to 600L per second moving through the sewer trunk main,” says Scott Stanley, Product Specialist – Pumps, Traffic, Shoring & Lift & Shift at Coates.

“The excavation site also sat alongside a busy road, just metres away from a major transport project, so there were significant hazards in all directions.”

The degradation of the existing manhole and fragility of the trunk main also presented serious safety and environmental hazards for the project team and the surrounding area, should damage have occurred during decommissioning or construction.

The need for one large, safe excavation space to accommodate both stages of works also complicated project delivery and demanded a high degree of precision from the temporary works.

The solution

Coates Engineering Solutions partnered with Fulton Hogan to support safe excavation and to create a safe working space for decommissioning the existing manhole and constructing a new sewer access point.

Temporary works

To support excavation in the limiting environment, Coates Engineering Solutions designed a shoring box and structural propping solution that allowed for maximum working room, with the smallest possible footprint. The bespoke solution also accommodated the careful placement of two 48-tonne concrete blocks on either side of the trunk main to reinforce the new access point.

Water management

Coates Engineering Solutions supplied water management equipment and the design of a contingency sewer bypass solution for the access point relocation project. “This bypass solution needed to be easy to install at a moment’s notice, and capable of accommodating the trunk main’s high flows,” says Stanley.

“Although this solution was never activated, Fulton Hogan and SA Water had the assurance of knowing that a mitigation strategy was in place, along with all of the necessary equipment and a full on-site support team ready to execute the bypass if it was required.”

On-site supervision

Qualified technical support was available at all times during temporary works installation.

Hire equipment

Coates also supplied a wide range of quality earthmoving, confined space entry and traffic management equipment to support project delivery.

The impact

The design and installation of temporary works by Coates Engineering Solutions created a safe working environment for the project team, and allowed construction work to be safely and efficiently completed. With the Regency Road sewer access point relocation now complete, road works can continue on the R2P scheme.

“Having already worked together to deliver several high-risk major infrastructure projects, Fulton Hogan knew that Coates Engineering Solutions could bring a high level of expertise and professionalism to this project,” says Stanley.

“During planning we attended and contributed to risk management discussions, and provided valuable engineering support to influence the overall design”.

In choosing a project partner, Fulton Hogan was looking for much more than an equipment hire specialist.

“Fulton Hogan wanted an experienced solutions provider, and the backing of a professional team that could work alongside them in delivering this complex project,” says Stanley.

“They knew what Coates Engineering Solutions could deliver, and that it would be a positive experience to partner together again.”

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