Crane sale raises £4.6m after M&M collapse

Euro Auctions staged the sale which attracted buyers from across the globe.

David Betts from Euro Auctions said:  “This was a ‘sale within a sale’ and it attracted a true international audience.

“Normally Euro Auctions would have conducted a stand-alone ‘off site’ sale for an inventory such as this, but it was decided we would create more of a statement at our 85-acre Leeds auction site.

“With all 22 cranes from 35 tons to 130 tons, in a line with boom-up, it was a very impressive sight. There was a great amount of interest in this sale, and prices were strong.

“Whilst it is not often that large consignments of cranes of these specifications and sizes come to the market, Euro Auctions has gained a reputation for hosting these types of sales and are trusted to obtain best price for these specialised assets. Our partners trust us to attract an educated and knowledgeable global audience that buy cranes and lifting equipment.

“In the last five years, Euro Auctions has conducted all the major crane and lifting sales in the UK and is regarded as the industry leader for the disposal of these types of assets at auction.

“We have a qualified database of international buyers that want this type of machinery, and we pre-market this type of consignment to qualified buyers from around the globe.”

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