Councils awarded £50m to make risky roads safer

Improvements will now be made to roads from the Isle of Wight to Newcastle to help prevent fatal and serious injuries.

The programme involves targeted minor works such as re-designing junctions and improving signage and road markings.

The 27 schemes receiving funding from the Safer Roads Fund 3 are:

Road Local authority Funding
A586 Blackpool Council £1,000,000
A35 Bournemouth Borough Council £1,890,625
A2010 Brighton and Hove City Council £600,000
A52 Derby City £475,000
A104 Essex County Council £1,360,000
A35 Hampshire County Council £6,040,000
A5183 Hertfordshire County Council £1,800,000
A165 Hull City Council £2,990,625
A3056 Isle of Wight Council £2,140,000
A5105 Lancashire County Council £920,000
A5038 Liverpool City Council £859,375
A186 Newcastle Upon Tyne City Council £3,650,000
A6130 Nottingham City Council £950,000
A609 Nottingham City Council £475,000
A4158 Oxfordshire County Council £800,000
A4165 Oxfordshire County Council £875,000
A2047 Portsmouth City Council £1,300,000
A6022 Rotherham Metro. Borough Council £750,000
A6042 Salford City Council £743,750
A4030 Sandwell Metro. Borough Council £750,000
A625 Sheffield City Council £1,425,000
A3025 Southampton City Council £875,000
A13 Southend-on-Sea Council £3,425,000
A1156 Suffolk County Council £1,275,000
A25 Surrey County Council £1,800,000
A439 Warwickshire County Council £1,320,000
A3102 Wiltshire Council £6,980,000

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “We’re injecting £47.5m so that local councils around the country have the support they need to keep everyone safe, while reducing congestion and emissions and supporting local economies.

To date, £100m has been provided through the programme to improve the 50 most dangerous roads in England, the majority of which are rural roads.

The previous rounds of the Safer Roads Fund programme focused on treating the 50 highest-risk local ‘A road’ sections in England with enhanced road safety engineering interventions. The scheme is set to prevent around 1,450 fatal and serious injuries over the next 20 years.


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